Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Spring 2019 shipping has ended! Thank you for a great spring. See you in the fall!

All packages are shipped USPS.  Flat rate shipping is listed under F.A.Q- Shipping Rates.

Shipments will be sent out on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday unless otherwise posted or requested by the customer. Example, if you order on Thursday –  Sunday, your order will not go out until the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We try our very best to get your items to you quickly. This helps insure that they will not be sitting over the weekend in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Shipments will be shipped and adjusted around Holidays.

If you are ordering for something special ( birthdays, anniversary, etc.) please let us know so we can be sure to get those items sent so they arrive on time.

Please allow 7-10 business days for order processing and 3-5 business days for shipping, weather permitting.

We are not responsible for weather shipping delays provided by the USPS.

All customers will receive a shipment notification email ( given you provide your email) with a tracking number when the order has shipped.

    Sale Amount            Shipping Rate    

  • $0.01- $29.99             $12.95
  • $30.00- $59.99           $14.95
  • $60.00- $99.99           $16.95
  • $100.00- $149.99       $19.95

** If you are unable to receive shipping at the time of placing an order please let us know! We are not always aware of weather in your area. You can drop us a note on the customer checkout page in the box to the right. Thank you!